As previous announcement, the final deadline for MDO to MDOv2 migration is Jul 13 , 20:00 GMT+6. Once the migration period is over, we will close the migration gateway — which means it is impossible to convert from MDO to MDOv2.

Midas Dollar’s upcoming plans and programs will use MDOv2…

Dear Midas Community,

We realized that there still are a large sum of MDOs not yet migrated to the MDOv2 version. Until the migration completes, we cannot proceed to upgrade the Midas Dollar protocol to a partial collateralization model. Since cryptocurrencies are decentralized and cannot be put under any control…

As you may already know, the exploitation of Value Defi has affected both MDG and MDO.

Update on the new implementation approach for MDG

1. The damage incurred to MDG pools are as follows:

- We’ve lost about 41430 MDG, 67330 BUSD and 130 BNB. Most of the lost tokens are located in 3 liquidity pools WBNBMDG, MDGBUSD and bCashBUSD.

- WBNBMDG and MDGBUSD were exploited at block…

Let’s take a look at Midas DeFi Ecosystem’s events and important updates in March!📊

💵 Midas Dollar

Midas Dollar had a negligible contraction at the end of March, but then the MDO quickly returned to the closing price at $1. …

As promised, the final payment of all 88 weeks of Stakingdome has completed today

To check all tx:

Visit our social channels for latest updates and discussions around the Midas Ecosystem:

After one month from launch, Midas Dollar has achieved notable results 💪strong DAO Funds, ATH $58M TVL, not a single contraction after 100 epochs. In parallel, Midas Gold has been growing strongly. Our community is growing strong and our products are getting known in BSC in particular and DeFi space…

Dear Midas and Midas Dollar community,

After thorough research about DeFi, the Midas Team has successfully introduced the Midas Dollar Algorithmic Stablecoin project, which will be the first in a series of new products for Midas Ecosystem. Let’s take a look back to what we have achieved in February.

👉Midas Protocol


Only 3 weeks from launch but Midas Dollar has achieved remarkable milestones:

We are pleased to announce that has added a login method using Coin98 Wallet Extension.

Coin98 Wallet is one of the most popular non-custodial crypto wallets, along with other familiar names such as Metamask, Trust Wallet, Midas Wallet.. Coin98 Wallet can be used to store many crypto assets on…

🤝 According to the partnership, Midas Eco — including Midas Dollar and Midas Protocol — will join hands with Bigbom — the AI-based advertisements optimization provider- to build and launch services that could make best of each party’s strengths.

In specific, Midas Protocol will accompany Bigbom in their journey of…

Intelligent platform to manage, invest, trade, exchange and spend cryptoassets. Anytime — Anywhere — Secured!

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